Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Line Item Veto...and other thoughts.

We can't be seriously considering this. This is the Holy Grail of almost every president since I've been old enough to vote. Sure, lets vote to give the president the power to veto specific clauses of legislation. Brilliant! That way we ensure that the only items to go to law are those that the president and the controlling party agree with. Talk about creating a partisan government.

While we're talking about partisan politics, the president just mentioned that we need to put aside party politics and work together to help create a more stable America (I'm paraphrasing here, but the meaning is about the same). Yes, by all means, let's put aside party politics since going all the way back to George Washington, we have had party politics and Washington himself said that we shouldn't move to a multi-party political system.

Great...I'm finally hearing about how we need to improve the healthcare system, pass medical liability reform, strengthen social security, and lower the energy costs. But HOW are you, the government, going to do that? We're going to invest in nuclear energy, ok...not bad, but more coal burning plants? Ok...we'll reduce our natural resources even more. Alternate fuel sources? We've tried that before and the problem has always been that the Big 3 automakers and the big energy companies don't have enough profits in changing so they buy the technology and bury it. Just ask Mr. Tucker.

I've heard about lots of initiatives but nothing about what they really are and how they are going to be paid for? The 140 "unnecessary" programs that you are planning on cutting from the government (great! trim the government "fat", it certainly needs it) to save $14 billion to help cut the deficit in half by 2009. Um...pardon me, but I thought we had a surplus prior to the first Bush administration which turned in to one of the largest deficits this country has seen by the middle of the second administration.

Whatever happened to the separation of Church and State? I realize that everyone has their own religion, but our Founding Fathers took great care to ensure that religion wouldn't influence government decisions. It seems that is something our current president and our two new justices don't seem to remember.


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