Saturday, January 08, 2005

Goodbye Maxwell

Goodbye Maxwell, we miss you.

Maxwell Wigglesworth Dorman
May 10 (?), 2004 - December 31, 2004

first bath


why am i upside down?

hello there.

play time!


nap time!

cozy as a kitten in a blanket


but aint i cute?

am i supposed to eat this?

future air hockey player in the making


uh oh. how do i get out of this thing?

aren't i cute?


it has been a while since i had some free time to blog. hopefully this year will be better. since mid-november until mid-december, i have been spending almost every waking hour working to get Sunbelt's latest product out the door. we finally launched the product, CounterSpy Enterprise in december. it was a crazy time, but we got the job done.

for those of you who keep up with the techinical news and what microsoft is doing, they just recently bought Sunbelt's partner, Giant Company, for the rights to Giant's spyware engine and consumer product. so far, this hasn't had a major impact on our products or our roadmaps.

in the middle of all this, the week after we launched the product i was promoted to technical lead for the project. not bad, since i've only been there 3 months.

apartment troubles...update

it's finally over! actually, it's been over for a few months, i just haven't had any time to blog.

we finally received the check for our security deposit and it went in to the bank without bouncing, so that was a very good thing. it's still not what we were hoping for, but at least we are out of the lease and don't have to deal with these people again.

for those of you who are interested to know the name of the apartment complex, it is The Villas at Renaissance Square. If you are living there and have been sick or just generally not feeling well since you moved in, it's a good bet that you have been breathing in mold spores. i'd go to your doctor and get bloodwork done looking for evidence of mold.